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New Hampshire Holocaust Memorial


A terrific place to learn more about the Holocaust is through Yad Vashem, a tireless organization headquartered in Jerusalem. For over 50 years they have been dedicated to commemoration, documentation, research and education regarding the Holocaust.

Those who managed to survive the Holocaust fled to every corner of the globe. Many came to the United States and made their mark in the communities where they live. Now, these survivors are finally speaking up about the horrors they endured and creating memorials to remember those whose lives were lost. The act of remembrance is important: it helps instill in us all a resolve that such atrocities must never be permitted to happen again.

The driving force behind the creation of the New Hampshire Holocaust Memorial is Holocaust survivor and New Hampshire resident Fred Teeboom. Here, briefly, is his story:

Three out of four Jews in the Netherlands were killed during World War II. So why did I survive that hell? Why am I still here? I now honestly believe I survived the war so that God could guide me to build this Holocaust Memorial.

My immediate family – my father, mother, brother and me – survived because a family of devout Dutch Christians hid us. They risked their lives each and every day to save ours. But over a hundred members of our extended family were murdered at Auschwitz, joining the millions of others who were murdered in the Nazi concentration camps.


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Kaunas Lithuania

Kaunas Lithuania

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Jasenovac Research Institute
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A Living Link - for grandchildren of Holocaust survivors in the greater New York area.

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